Welcome Home (WH), in collaboration with other like-minded, community agencies, is deeply committed to helping people close the revolving recidivism door for women who have been incarcerated or impeded in life by the use of drugs and/or alcohol.

Of the clients served, WHM currently has a consistent, low recidivism rate of only 5%! Welcome Home Ministries could not succeed without the help of a variety of partners throughout the community. Learn more about out community partners below.

Treatment Community

The following agencies comprise the professional treatment component of the WH peer support network, and complement and reinforce the services provided by the WH program:

  • North County Serenity House: Residential treatment
  • Escondido Community Sobering Services: Detoxification intervention and residential treatment
  • Freedom House: Residential treatment
  • Green Oak Ranch: Treatment: Residential treatment
  • HOM: Residential treatment
  • In His Steps: Sober living facility
  • Choices: In and outpatient addiction treatment
  • Crash: Residential treatment
  • McAllister Institute: Detoxification and treatment facility
  • North County Drug Court: Court ordered outpatient treatment program
  • Project Star: Residential treatment
  • Providence Place: Residential treatment
  • Second Chance Strive: Employee readiness, sober living program
  • Tradition One: Sober living situation
  • North County Sober Living

Law Enforcement and the Courts

WHM has developed a collaborative relationship with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. These relationships make it possible for peers to contact women still in custody, providing pre-release services including the challenges of remaining clean and sober upon release, and the tools necessary to do so, as well as planning and goal setting for treatment, housing, employment, education, and individual counseling. The Welcome Home model has gained support from Adult Probation and Parole, Prosecutors and the Courts, who recognize the value of intervention and assistance from Welcome Home Ministries, and regularly release women into the care and custody of Welcome Home staff and volunteers.
San Diego County Jail: WHM collaborates closely with the Inmates Services Department of the SD County Jail system, through client referrals from the counseling offices, and services information disseminated by the deputies to the inmate population.
San Diego County Sheriffs Department
WHM cooperates with adult probation and parole officials in the placement of clients in residential treatment, sober living environments and other support groups.
San Diego County Court System: The San Diego Court system collaborates with WHM by releasing clients in to the custody of staff for transportation to treatment facilities. Support letters written by WHM are taken into account for clients in child custody cases, homeless court appearances and in other legal matters.
San Diego County Public Defenders Education
Palomar Community College: WHM works closely with the staff at Palomar College in enrollment and funding for educational opportunities for client Contributors Funding, client services, in-kind donations and volunteers all are needed to support the clients of WHM. We thank the following organizations that have been so generous in their support of WHM:
Churches (20)
Federal Department of Labor
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, US Department of Health
California Endowment
Lions Club
San Diego County Employees Fund (CECO) Foundation
North County Times McCormick Fund
Soroptomist Women’s Club: San Diego, Vista, Oceanside
Soroptomist International
Service Referrals
WHM referrals base is established by relationships with many service organizations throughout the county, and is essential for meeting the many material and informational needs of the client.
Faith Based Credit Union: Assists clients in the area of money management and home ownership
National Association of the Mentally Ill (NAMI): Provides information and classes for dual diagnosis clients
North County Community Services
North County Lifeline:.
San Diego County, Health and Human Services: Resource Development
Vista Community Clinic: Client health care and information Employment
Finding employment opportunities for ex-offenders can be a daunting task. WHM has close working relationships with these caring employers:
Camp Pendleton Mess Hall
Namaste Creations
Outreach Marketing
Santourian Manufacturing
Vista Industrial Products
Manna Companies
State of California Employment Development Department: The State of California Employment Development Department collaborates with WHM in the area of employment readiness for the client.
Health and Research
Welcome Home Ministries, a health promoting organization, realizes that women newly in recovery are in desperate need of safe, and accessible medical services. Welcome Home partners with the following community providers:
Lyons Vision: Eyeglasses for clients
Clinical School of Psychology: Future on sight client assessment
Point Loma Nazarene School of Nursing: Client assessment during incarceration
St Leo’s Dental Clinic: Client dental restoration
San Diego County Health and Human Services
San Diego State School of Nursing: Medical research and resource development
University of San Diego Hahn School of Nursing: Client health assessment
University of Texas Health Sciences Center: Active research component Other supporters of WHM
Habitat for Humanity: Extends willingness to build or remodel housing
Transition of Prisoners Parole and Corrections Team