The Vision of Welcome Home:

  • We are unconditionally dedicated to providing a faith-based support system for women in transition from incarceration to productive citizenship;
  • We believe women can successfully break the bondage that keeps them endlessly trapped through the transformational power of a divinely inspired and proven program;
  • We believe that with Welcome Home’s unique and impassioned peer-to-peer network selflessly and lovingly committed to giving each woman the foundation, tools and supports needed to become self sufficient, self directed and free of addictions;
  • We believe community partners are a key ingredient to the success of the Welcome Home process;
  • We believe through the work of Welcome Home, major prison reform will be forthcoming, and significant reduction in the tax burden on both state and individual taxpayers will result; and
  • We believe the Welcome Home model will be adopted across the country and internationally as the success rates continue to prove its value.