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Ruth Callahan Welcome Home Ministries

Ruth Callahan

Welcome Home Ministries

The generosity, and compassion in action of the people of Welcome Home Ministry, and the dental program, are amazing, and changed my life forever. They inspired a close relationship with God that I put into action. Being restored, I am also giving back wherever I can in my church, North Coast church in Vista.

Thank you Welcome Home and all involved for putting love in action, and helping to change my life!

I volunteer my time at Reins in Fallbrook; it is just the beginning for me.

“REINS” is a (Riding Emphasizing Individual Needs and Strengths) Therapeutic Horsemanship Program.

Our unique approach to therapy for people with disabilities uses horses as a therapy tool. We have seen paraplegic riders learn to walk, non-verbal students learn to sing and people with all sorts of disabilities overcome some of the challenges in their lives and live with a little more ease. REINS is not just a place for our students to thrive but it is also a supportive community for our special riders and their brave families, people who rarely find a place where they are the majority. Our mission is to provide physical and emotional therapy to a wide range of disabled children and adults through the use of carefully supervised horseback riding. The benefits of this therapy are both mental and physical and include normalization of muscle tone, increased balance and coordination, developments of speech and language, and improvements in body awareness and self-esteem.

I am renewed, restored and giving back to a community in service…


Ruth Callahan 2014